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Boost your leads and ramp up your ROI with quality sales leads generated exclusively for your business

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Our lead generation service can help you to...

Increase your leads

We run B2B lead generation campaigns tailored to your business' requirements to provide you with up to 20 leads per month

Improve your lead quality

We take a brief from you including the services, locations and budgets you work within to provide high quality sales leads that match your company's criteria

Improve your ROI

All B2B leads are generated exclusively for your business and have been introduced in advance, giving you the greatest chance of success

Product features

It's a big decision to outsource lead generation as part of your B2B marketing strategy. But our platform combines a number of features to generate a steady stream of qualified leads while giving you peace of mind, so you can concentrate on selling.

get up to 20 sales leads per month

We're specialists in generating inbound leads for your business to keep your pipeline full and sales team happy.

generated exclusively for you

We run lead generation campaigns specifically for your business, so all leads are sent exclusively to you and no one else.

highly relevant leads

By taking a brief from you at the start, we ensure all leads delivered through our lead generation campaigns match your services, locations and budgets.

no more cold calling

Your business will have been recommended to all leads in advance so that they're primed and waiting for your call.

export and integration options

Use our Zapier integration to export leads to spreadsheets or your CRM, helping you add our lead generation platform to your existing technology stack with ease.

expert support

A customer success executive will be assigned to your account to provide you with unlimited support and help you maximise your subscription.

How it works

1. We take a brief from you to understand your services, locations and budgets

This brief helps our marketing team to craft a tailored B2B lead generation campaign to attract the right sales leads for your business.

2. Our marketing team run B2B lead generation campaigns across a number of digital platforms on your behalf

All B2B marketing is conducted in a generic way at first so there is no crossover with any of your own inbound marketing or lead generation activities. We use channels such as digital advertising, telesales, email and more to attract as many quality leads as possible.

3. We recommend your business as the ideal supplier for their needs

Once the leads are generated, we contact them individually to provide them with some information about your business. We advise that you will be in touch to discuss their needs, meaning that the leads are warm and waiting for your call.

4. The lead is then handed over to you to progress to sale

All information on the lead is made available in your account for you to start working. With our Zapier integration, you can easily export the leads to your own CRM to make the lead management process as streamlined as possible for your business.

Why choose us as your lead generation supplier?

‍Our approach brings a careful balance between quantity and quality of leads to give you the best chance of success

  • Unlike other lead generation services, we don't send the same lead out to hundreds of other businesses. They are generated exclusively for your business and sent to you only.
  • By taking a brief from you in advance of your lead generation campaign starting, we ensure that all leads are well matched to your business needs and specialisms.
  • We recommend your business to all leads in advance so that you can bypass the cold outreach and get straight to selling.

Customer stories

"A Grade A professional service..."

"As a small digital agency who have been using platforms such as Bark for leads and finding they can be sometimes unqualified (or even questionable if real), we decided to bite the bullet and go for Meet Hugo with a ten exclusive leads per month package. We are finding the leads are high quality & completely qualified. They are also picked specifically to our requirements and have been spot on for us. The customer service is awesome, they are lovely people and proactively call us to ask questions and make sure things are ok. This is a Grade A professional service, like having your own sales team only better and a fraction of the cost."

The exclusive leads were relevant and the team were willing to work with us to improve targeting and lead quality....

"The team at Clarity Stack Leads are helpful and responsive. The exclusive leads were relevant and the team were willing to work with us to improve targeting and lead quality."

We've just signed up to their exclusive leads offering and less than a week later we've won a deal with a new client that was sent yesterday....

The team are always on-hand to answer any questions or queries, and are just keen to see your business do well. Special shout-outs to our account manager, Chloe, and researcher, Freddie - thanks both!"

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Trusted by leading B2B companies globally

Trusted by leading B2B companies globally

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