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We strongly believe that we need to stay agile so we quickly adapt to market change and use our technology so we are ready to evolve for whatever our customers need.


How we innovate


Our technology increases productivity and deliver our customers new and better services. Our development team bring a wide skill set empowering you to solve problems that matter by creating better solutions for you.


Your needs are important to us, and a source of our inspiration. Product innovation is a team effort, we are constantly look to our customers and our wider team to ensure we are building and improving the functionality and service your demand.


We foster innovative thinking so we can nurture creativity and how to apply it . We see the value in knowledge and in encouraging this we generate new and improved products, services and processes

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Building our products is a collaborative process

Building our products is a collaborative process and comes from understanding our user’s problems and requirements mixed with an a desire to build not only what’s possible but something that's right for our clients. With a great team that is focused on developing cutting edge technology and creativity we work hard delivering tools and services for your success.


Our latest product innovations

Zap your Opportunities and Leads

One headache when adopting new systems into your business is integration with your existing tech stack 🤯 that's why we've released a new Zapier integration allowing you to send opportunities and leads from the Clarity Stack app straight into your CRM, Slack or a spreadsheet with ease.

To do this click your name in the top right hand side of the screen and navigate to "Zapier Integration" to see what you can do. You will also need to create an API token which is located in your account settings area.

January 21, 2022
Meet Hugo is now Clarity Stack

Meet Hugo and all of our related products have rebranded to Clarity Stack, enabling us to provide our customers with a better service now, and in the future.

With everyone jumping on the “new year, new me” bandwagon we decided that we should be doing something, too, and we’ve given our brands a complete overhaul in order to make our products clearer and more accessible for all of our subscribers.

We’ve got some big plans for the year ahead and we’re kicking things off by bringing more alignment to our products so that we can provide all of our customers with the best possible service in the future.

Read our blog post here

January 4, 2022
Get Notified When Company Contact Details Have Been Updated in Your Lists.

When you add companies to your lists, we run a series of tasks behind the scenes to see if we can find more information about these companies or if there have been any updates since you added them to a list.

If the system finds an update, you will see a red dot alerting you to the fact there is an update in one of your lists. When viewing your lists, you will see an announcement icon against the list with an update; clicking on this will let you know what has been found/updated.

We have plenty more features in the pipeline that will improve and make your lists more powerful!

October 21, 2021
New Tenders Resources in Sales Academy

We have added a brand new section to the Sales Academy called Tenders, new resources are being created all the time to help you understand the Tendering process, how to win more tenders, plenty more to help you build successful tendering processes.

October 20, 2021
You Can Now Save Tenders to a Custom List

Our team have added the ability for you to select and add tenders to a named list, so alongside your company lists, you can have lists of tenders you are interested in. The kinds of lists we see people using are:

Lists of tenders you want to apply for.

Lists of awarded tenders you want to reach out to and approach.

List of Future Tenders you wish to track and apply for in the future.

Allowing you to group tenders you want to look into later in more depth.

October 15, 2021
New Formations Tab

Explore the new company formations within the UK with this new Insight Tab, see when they were incorporated and view any other information we have found about them.

October 14, 2021

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