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We’re always on the look-out for the best talent to join our team and help improve our service. The Clarity Stack team are individuals with a collective aim: working together to achieve our common goals.

We want to provide a workplace that you enjoy being part of, that supports you in your career and surrounds you with people who are always looking out for you.

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Added on 25.03.2022

Customer Success Executive

As our new Customer Success Executive, you'll have a keen eye for detail, be great on the phone, and be able to understand and help our customers make the most of their time with us. This will be the third hire in our customer success team.


Added on 24.03.2022

Business Development Executive

Fed up of working for a crappy business, every day the same, slogging your guts out, feeling undervalued?Imagine working for one of the country's fastest growing businesses, a business about to receive multi-million pound investment, opening offices in Leeds and Miami.

We are looking to hire a dynamic sales team, full of character and hunger to succeed, therefore I do not have a limit on the number of hires. We want all you superstars!


Perks & benefits

Here are just some of the perks and benefits we offer at Clarity Stack.

Competitive salary

Our salaries are generous in line with industry standards. We employ a number of achievable targets that result in additional financial reward, should this be something that is important to you.

Supported career progression

As Clarity Stack continues to grow, the scope for career progression is wide and varied. You will run through a tailored and frequently updated career roadmap which sets your professional goals in place. As a team, we then equip you with everything you need to get there.

Tailored incentive program

Our incentives are designed based on  your personal preferences. All targets are clearly defined and achievable, and our incentives depend on what you want, be it financial, social, educational, or increased annual leave, for example.

Positive company culture

Clarity Stack has always aimed for a professional family feel, where teams get to know each other and root for one another. A win for you is a win for the business and we’re always here to help everyone in their professional and  personal growth. We’re not exercising a cliche here, just ask the team who works with us already.

Autonomy & flexibility

We’re results-oriented and believe in giving you the freedom to achieve those results with our guidance. We have pretty flexible shift patterns and we’re not clock watchers. By trusting you to deliver on time in a way that aligns with your skills, we’re confident we’ll get the best from you.